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Please take a minute to hear a quick message from Dr. Kinkade

To the patients of Kinkade and Kinkade DDS,

It’s a joy and pleasure to officially introduce myself! My name is Dr. Matthew Lee and I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve been chosen by Dr. Don Kinkade to become the new owner of his long-standing dental practice.

Dr. Don Kinkade is stepping away, but his legacy and commitment to the community will continue to flourish here as I transition into the ownership role. As a graduate of an Advanced General Dentistry Residency at the prestigious US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, I am committed to the utmost integrity, compassion, and excellence for those I serve. You are no different!

Not only did I train at the US Air Force Academy, but my perfect marks in clinical skills during my residency set me up for a rare assignment in remote Alaska where I served as an Air Force dentist for several years. My experience and training allowed me to hone my skills on a wide range of specialty procedures and get comfortable dealing with a myriad of dental issues. I’m excited about the opportunity to serve Greeley and the Northern Colorado community with those skills for many years to come.

I enjoy hiking with my wife, skiing, running, working out, playing with my dog, Broncos football, and everything Colorado has to offer. I spent extensive time in Colorado as a child and knew that I would one day set down roots in this wonderful state. I’m honored to have lived and worked in Colorado Springs, Parker, and now Northern Colorado!

Thank you for putting your trust in me, and I can’t wait to meet you!

We are also proud to introduce you to our new name: NorthStar Dental!

The Northstar is a fixed point in the night sky that guides intrepid explorers to their destinations. While the Northstar appears as a singular light, it is actually three distinct stars appearing as one!

This ethos is reflected in our three-starred logo and our “Three Guiding Lights”: Integrity, Compassion, and Excellence.

Please visit us soon at our new website launching in mid-July at NorthStarDentalGreeley.com to learn more!